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Tropical Leaves
Living Walls​

EnviroScape Interiors is proud to be a preferred partner with award-winning, Canadian supplier DIRTT (which stands for Doing It Right This Time) to offer design and installation of Breathe Living Walls.

Whether you've got a tight office space with little room for floor plants, or you've got expansive areas that you want to use greenery to make a stunning statement, Living Walls are a fantastic way to bring nature indoors, and introduce all the benefits and beauty of living plants into your space.

Living Wall systems are sustainable, modular and flexible, and can be mounted to any flat, vertical building surface, including gypsum, concrete or stone. They are scalable and easily expanded from one panel to a monolithic wall of plants.

Available in a variety of sizes, the walls are integrated with a safe and straightforward watering system which uses self-contained pipes and troughs. Gravity does the work to send water through the system leaving no risk of sitting water or damage to your walls.

Take advantage of the beauty, air cleaning attributes, stress-reducing atmosphere and kick of extra oxygen plants provide, all without using up precious real estate. Contact us and find out how our designer can incorporate the right Living Wall system into your space.

Moss Wall Art​

EnviroScape Interiors is proud to be partnered with ByNature preserved mosses such as reindeer moss,  sheet moss, pole moss, mood moss and fern moss in a variety of colours.

Nature plays an essential role in our lives by improving our wellness, happiness, health, and even our productivity. Yet, while we spend 85% of our time indoors, there is still an increasing lack of nature in our living spaces. We believes that any space should be transformed into a healthy living environment. We aspire to bring nature into everyone’s lives by creating an experience for people to enjoy, breathe, and feel good.

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