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Artificial Plants​

Today's contemporary artificial plants provide an attainable option for the use in almost any space.

Want to add life, visual interest and some colouring to your office, but just don't have the proper lighting for plants to thrive? Or, you just don't want to commit to the care and maintenance of live foliage?


These are not the old-fashioned artificial plants of yesterday. EnviroScape Interiors is constantly striving to find the latest and greatest, most-life like options, to make them available directly to you! Artificial plants can be potted in a variety of containers, in dirt, wood chips, rocks or anything in between. So the end effect is an incredibly life-like, you'll want to touch it to confirm if it's live or artificial!


Below is a gallery of some of our artificial plant arrangements, reconstructed trees and potted varieties. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

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