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Enviroscape Interiors believes that plants play a major role in improving your indoor air quality, contribute to your employees' health and creativity, and boost the overall quality of life. And while many people seemed to have heard about the many benefits of plants, they find it challenging to decide which plants will work best in their space, and then keep them looking healthy and fresh.

That's where we come in. Our outstanding and friendly horticultural professionals are a dedicated team committed to ensuring that your workplace will enjoy all the benefits that plants offer.

Family-run for over 30 years.

This passion for interior plantscaping runs in the family. The Croteaus have been designing and maintaining plants for over 30 years, contributing to the health and beauty of over 150 workplaces in Regina and the surrounding area.

As founders of the company, Gisele and Martin Croteau, are true caretakers of the indoor space, with a commitment to making our clients look good. We also believe in taking care of the health of your office environment. Whenever we can, we use eco-friendly maintenance methods to ensure that your plants not only look their best but are contributors to your workplace's health.

Their son Jerrod joined the team in 2000, adding to the legacy. We are active members of the Regina community, and are proud to contribute to its growth, success and "green"-ification.

Plants, for a healthier bottom line.

As corporate offices have evolved, so has Enviroscape's offerings. We offer a full range of services, including design, sourcing, installation and maintenance of tropical and artificial plants. Seasonally, we offer Christmas design, installation and take-down services. And most recently, we've invested in the latest plant technology to be exclusive designers, installers and maintainers of living walls.

We understand that having plants in your corporate space is an investment in your business' healthy, image and overall well-being. We take their care, safety and presentation very seriously, so you can see the true value of that investment for years to come.

Plants not only beautify your office, but it also has been shown that plants have many other values and benefits, which include:

  • Improving the air inside your office

  • Remove toxins such as glues and paint fumes in carpets and furniture

  • Increasing employee morale, creativity and productivity

  • Contributing positively to your corporate image, to both employees and clients

  • Reducing noise and stress

  • Can be used to hide or soften hard or cold surfaces

  • Directing traffic flow

  • And much more! Find out more about how plants make workplaces better.

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