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Interior Tropical Plants​


There is nothing like the dramatic impact that live plants make to a space!

Beautiful greenery positively affects all of the senses: cleaner air, spectacular colour, changes in textures, dampening in environment noise. They add warmth, liven up stark surroundings, and add energy - the benefits go on and on.

We source our plant varieties across North America, finding the best quality products that will thrive in our indoor conditions, to add color and texture to your unique space. Mixing plant varieties, planters and ground cover, we strive to achieve a very natural look and environmentally-friendly feel in your office. From small tabletop designs to large indoor tree varieties, we have the options that will suit the style of your office.

Whether you want to take care of your live plants yourself, or invite us into your office on a weekly basis for care and maintenance, you and your employees will feel the immediate difference live plants make.

Below is a small gallery of some of the varieties of plants which we've introduced to office spaces across Saskatchewan. Find out how Enviroscape Interiors can help you benefit from all that live plants can bring.

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